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Cosmetic Surgery

When to Get a Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a relatively new field of science and thanks to its popularity there has been great interest in developing improved techniques. The results of the procedures have drastically improved over the last few decades. There is little scar tissue that remains making it difficult in many cases for people to tell that any surgery was even done. Thanks to continued scientific research in the field, there have been further advancements that have lead to the development of what is referred to as minimally invasive surgery.

 Dr. Renato Calabria is a renowned plastic surgeon who has worked in Europe and the Americas over 28 years. He is an excellent reputation as a surgeon and is considered on the leading practitioners in his field. He is responsible for the development of endoscopic facial surgery. This innovative procedure was developed to ensure that evidence of cosmetic surgery would not be visible. Through very small incisions in the scalp, the facial lift is facilitated without leaving any visible telltale signs. The recovery time is reduced as the resulting swelling and bruising is minimal. This procedure has made facial rejuvenation a much simpler procedure and has gained much popularity among cosmetic surgery practices.

The result of such new developments has made it possible for many more people to undergo facial lifts and keep the fact a secret. With more and more celebrities being able to discreetly and quickly have such cosmetic surgery, the desire to follow suit is strong. It is important to learn as much as possible about the surgery you wish to have done and the surgeon who will do it. With this in mind, Dr. Renato Calabria has provided ample information on the topic on his official website so that prospective patients can take the opportunity to educate themselves on the subject. Wherever you are you can look up this information and make use of it to ask questions whenever you make an appointment to a plastic surgeon in your area.